Selling some Doujinshi

Edit december 7th 2014 added some plushies for a friend

Hi Newbie xD seller but with some years buying, I have feedback in Ebay

I am trying to sell some djs to make room and pay my debs they have been treated with care, in a smoke-free home, we have pets  but they don't go in my room...

The price doesn't include shipping and is in us dollars, Please PAYPAL only

NOTE : just don't ask and never reply again , its upseting D:


Galaxy angel $10

Angel Santuary $10 $10

( 2 dllrs each)



No photo (Get Backers Manga 1-18 $70 OBO  for all )

* Doujinshi *


Loop Softcream Drive (gag doujin 2003 2nd Copy I have)  $8  ​


Soul Crossing (by kazino lovely doujin rated nc-18 an IchiUry, 2nd copy I have) $7

M.B collection(?) (By misato ibuki gag with a part of ichiury X3 2nd copy I got (I just brough the lot for other doujinshi DX) $5


First Contact (By Poligraph cute ichiury doujin) $8

More doujinshi I took the photo of all them. Sorry I am too lazy,  each doujin it's 5 dllrs (note: the first one has 2 postard and it seems to be gag an orihime uryu .. hmm 4 panels things)



Several doujinshi first set all novels I am just asking 7 for all I will add a comic doujinshi of your preference


more images (if you need  more please ask :D)

Harry Potter $5

Gundam Wing (3x4) $20 (2nd copy I got)

Kyo Kara Maou (gag) ALL SOLD OUT THANKS!! $10 $8 $8 $5 $5

Fire Emblem Doujinshi

FE 7

Raven Lucius  gag Both for 15

FE 8

Go for it! (gag doujin I love umejiso art!) $15

Tear Ring Saga Both for 15

Wolf Rain

Yami No Mat (Tsuzxhiso, Murxhis/tzu) both for $10 $10

Other Stuff

Fire Emblem 3 Figures  $5 each pack

Pack 1 Enemy pegasus Rider vs Oguma

Pack 2 Jeigan and Cecil

Pack 3 Dorcas vs Enemy

Pack 4 Linda vs 2 Enemy

Sailor moon plushies!

12 each or 30 for all three

 Sailor mercury

Sailor moon

Tuxedo mask

Manga Knights of the zodiac (let me ask her)

Thank you TxT


hoy frentre a mi trabajo hubo un accidente, fue horrible, una joven madre (28 años) y sus 5 hijos fueron atropellados por un camion... fue un  accidente, ella y sus hijos pasaron frente al camion... un acto muy irresponsable que tubo el peor de los finales. siento mucha pena por la familia de esta joven y sus pequenos. siento pena por el conductor un hombre mayor (59) que solo estaba cumpliendo como reemplazo de alguien ese dia

no puedo decir mucho no estube ahi a la hora... pero lo que vi me dejo impactada, no se pueden buscar culpables en estas desgracias. solo puedo desear lo mejor a esta gente.

Deserved nothing at all

all my life is a joke, doesn't matter how much I tried, my life is meaningless to enyone i know. I have a firm belief that if I died, no one will notice it besides my family.
I feel so alone... I want to cry jet my stupid mask is there and to everyone i am smiling, yet no one can see that facade, nobody cares...

I do really don't deserve happines at all... will I die just knowing the bittersweet taste of love...

I do really feel like that, i have no shoulder to cry on, no ears to hear, no friendly smile or at least a cold shake of hands.

When my future starts to bright and I have a lil bit of hope in a better future he cames... he and now she too...

why did he told me that, why he was sad when i told him that i date, WHY AFTHER SO MANY TIME I STILL IN LOVE WITH HIM!!

i cannot cry... not anymore for him... i wish somebody told me what to do... I cannot trust myself when is about him... because... because... stills hurts so much
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its official I so freaking tired! my body screams in pain DX it hurts ro move my poor eyes are so sore, I mean these are vacations and I have not rested

I have so much homework,,,

and I dont have the material to do it...

life sux
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Busy busy

I cant quit my job as I wanted... not only we are in need of money, my mom loves her work and if i quit she would quit too! and she will be more miserable :( she is really happy working *sigh* I saw my page today, man I really want to update I have lil material but still DX

Life Sux

Last week my granma passed away, nana you know we will always remeber you so be in peace, we well be ok. love ya

We (the family) are ok, althoug I am more worried for my mom now, hear her cry, was devasting for me, but afther we said goodbye, she seem beter, but for now she is with my grandfather

other than that

very busy, being the idiot I am, my grades are low. I really want to update but i cant i dont know why! arg

I can only continue working *sigh* i am in a need of a vacations of my own life
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ok many things to do

but thing are going well at school, and maybe I quit my job in december (i wanted to in november, but I need money 4 xmas D:)

oh yeah that reminds me I need a new id and passaport so i can get a new visa to, I so need to go to us, I want to go to phoenix with azulchan!!

oh yeah! aniother thing !! I MISS YOU REEEEEDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that stupid doesnt deserve you ¬¬

I kjnow how much it hurt but my lil boy let it go T.T I know how it feels TxT you should know that

no bad sindy no angs


I'm kinda down.. this is one of those times when you feel like everybody hates you (thanks cesar) and to put it worse also I'm having problems with school... and all that drama about.., I'm doing what i want to do... do i like this carrer.. crap >.

My life sux

I can't believe that amor yaoi is down! also I', having exams, programs and works for next week!! and I still can't resolve some personal isues.-. I'm kinda tired.. .. I really need some light in all this mess